Schedule & Results, 33rd Annual AA Tournament Of Champions, 2016-2017 (Official Home of Stoney Creek Minor Hockey Association)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, November 10, 2016
Div CM77:00 PMSC Hamilton Huskies4-2Niagara Falls Flyers
Div AM18:15 PMSC Guelph Gryphons1-4Stoney Creek Warriors
Div BM109:30 PMSC Ancaster Avalanche0-6Caledon Hawks
Friday, November 11, 2016
Div AB18:00 AM4Pad Liu Stoney Creek Warriors1-5Mississauga Terriers
Div AMB58:00 AMGW1 Glanbrook Rangers4-2Stoney Creek Warriors
Div BMB68:00 AM4Pad Car Niagara Falls Flyers0-3Nickel City Jr. Sons
Div AMM78:00 AMGW2 Stoney Creek Warriors2-5Toronto Eagles
Div BMM88:00 AM4Pad Sig Toronto Aeros1-4Ancaster Avalanche
Div AN18:00 AMGW3 Stoney Creek Warriors1-4Cambridge Hawks Black
Div AMB79:00 AM4Pad Cog Ted Reeve Thunder5-0Hamilton Huskies
Div BB29:15 AMGW2 Sudbury Wolves0-1Oakville Rangers
Div BM29:15 AMGW1 Toronto Aeros4-1Ancaster Avalanche
Div BN29:15 AMGW3 Ancaster Avalanche0-10Brantford 99er's
Div AP19:15 AM4Pad Car Stoney Creek Warriors0-1Grimsby Kings
Div AP29:15 AM4Pad Liu Humberview Huskies4-3Hamilton Huskies
Div BB410:00 AMVP Halton Hills Thunder3-2West Seneca Wings
Div CM310:30 AMGW1 Niagara Falls Flyers3-2Markham Waxers
Div CMM910:30 AMGW2 Barrie Colts2-3Richmond Hill Stars
Div AN310:30 AMGW3 Tecumseh Eagles4-3Garden City Falcons
Div DM1211:15 AMVP Lasalle Sabres0-4Duffield Devils
Div AA111:45 AMGW3 Stoney Creek Warriors1-2Oshawa Generals
Div AB512:30 PMVP Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles1-2Stoney Creek Warriors
Div BMB1012:45 PM4Pad Cog Greater Toronto Capitals1-3Niagara Falls Flyers
Div AA21:00 PMGW3 Amherst Knights2-3Eastern Ontario Cobras
Div BMB81:00 PMGW2 Cheektowaga Warriors4-1North Bay Trappers
Div AMM11:00 PMGW1 Toronto Eagles2-1Copper Cliff Redmen
Div BMM51:00 PM4Pad Car Kingston Canadians4-0Toronto Aeros
Div AB71:30 PMSC Mississauga Terriers4-1West Mall Lightning
Div AMB32:00 PM4Pad Cog Hamilton Huskies2-4Southtowns Stars
Div BN42:00 PMSF Brantford 99er's7-2Caledon Hawks
Div BB62:15 PMGW2 Halton Hills Thunder1-0Sudbury Wolves
Div AM52:15 PMGW1 Gloucester Rangers White3-2Guelph Gryphons
Div AP42:15 PMGW3 Grimsby Kings2-7Hamilton Huskies
Div AN72:45 PMSC Cambridge Hawks Black9-0Garden City Falcons
Div BB83:15 PM4Pad Cog Oakville Rangers0-1West Seneca Wings
Div AN53:15 PMSF Tecumseh Eagles8-1Stoney Creek Warriors
Div DM43:30 PMGW1 TNT Tornados2-0Lasalle Sabres
Div AMB14:00 PMSC Stoney Creek Warriors1-3Ted Reeve Thunder
Div CMM34:15 PMVP Richmond Hill Stars2-1Northumberland Nighthawks
Div AP34:30 PMSF Stoney Creek Warriors1-3Humberview Huskies
Div BM64:45 PMGW1 Caledon Hawks1-2Toronto Aeros
Div BMB45:15 PMSC North Bay Trappers1-3Greater Toronto Capitals
Div BMB25:30 PMVP Nickel City Jr. Sons4-2Cheektowaga Warriors
Div AA35:45 PMSF Stoney Creek Warriors2-3Amherst Knights
Div AMM46:00 PMGW2 Copper Cliff Redmen2-3Stoney Creek Warriors
Div AMB96:30 PMSC Southtowns Stars3-5Glanbrook Rangers
Div BMM26:45 PMVP Ancaster Avalanche4-0Kingston Canadians
Div AA47:00 PMSF Oshawa Generals2-3Eastern Ontario Cobras
Div AM97:15 PMGW2 Stoney Creek Warriors1-5Gloucester Rangers White
Div AB37:45 PMSC Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles3-2West Mall Lightning
Div DM88:00 PMVP Duffield Devils2-1TNT Tornados
Div BN68:15 PMSF Caledon Hawks1-3Ancaster Avalanche
Div CMM69:00 PMSC Northumberland Nighthawks1-6Barrie Colts
Div CM119:15 PMVP Markham Waxers1-0Hamilton Huskies
Saturday, November 12, 2016
ElimMB118:00 AMGW1 North Bay Trappers0-9Stoney Creek Warriors
ElimMB128:00 AMGW2 Hamilton Huskies3-2Niagara Falls Flyers
ElimN88:30 AMGW3 Stoney Creek Warriors2-5Brantford 99er's
ElimMB139:00 AMVP Greater Toronto Capitals4-3Glanbrook Rangers
ElimN99:00 AMSF Caledon Hawks1-10Tecumseh Eagles
ElimMB149:15 AMGW1 Southtowns Stars1-8Cheektowaga Warriors
ElimN109:45 AMGW3 Garden City Falcons3-4Ancaster Avalanche
ElimB910:00 AMSC Sudbury Wolves0-5Mississauga Terriers
Div AA510:15 AMSF Eastern Ontario Cobras3-1Stoney Creek Warriors
ElimMM1010:15 AMVP Toronto Aeros0-5Stoney Creek Warriors
ElimMM1210:30 AMGW1 Copper Cliff Redmen3-2Barrie Colts
Div AA611:00 AMGW3 Oshawa Generals5-2Amherst Knights
ElimB1011:15 AMSC West Mall Lightning2-4Halton Hills Thunder
ElimMM1111:30 AMVP Northumberland Nighthawks3-4Kingston Canadians
Div AP612:15 PMGW3 Grimsby Kings1-2Humberview Huskies
ElimB1112:30 PMSC Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles1-3West Seneca Wings
ElimM1412:45 PMVP Niagara Falls Flyers1-3Caledon Hawks
Div AP51:30 PMGW3 Hamilton Huskies4-0Stoney Creek Warriors
ElimB121:45 PMSC Oakville Rangers2-3Stoney Creek Warriors
ElimM132:00 PMGW2 Ancaster Avalanche4-0Stoney Creek Warriors
ElimM162:00 PMVP Guelph Gryphons1-6TNT Tornados
FinN11 SF12:00 PMSF Ancaster Avalanche0-11Brantford 99er's
FinN12 SF22:45 PMGW3 Tecumseh Eagles1-3Cambridge Hawks Black
FinA7 SF13:15 PMSF Stoney Creek Warriors1-7Eastern Ontario Cobras
ElimM153:15 PMGW2 Lasalle Sabres2-5Markham Waxers
ElimMB153:15 PMVP Hamilton Huskies1-8Ted Reeve Thunder
FinA8 SF24:00 PMGW3 Amherst Knights2-4Oshawa Generals
FinB13 SF14:30 PMGW2 West Seneca Wings2-3Mississauga Terriers
ElimMB164:30 PMVP Stoney Creek Warriors0-3Nickel City Jr. Sons
FinP7 SF15:15 PMGW3 Stoney Creek Warriors0-3Humberview Huskies
ElimMM135:45 PMVP Stoney Creek Warriors3-2Richmond Hill Stars
ElimMM145:45 PMGW2 Copper Cliff Redmen2-6Kingston Canadians
FinP8 SF26:30 PMGW3 Grimsby Kings1-5Hamilton Huskies
ElimM177:00 PMGW2 Caledon Hawks5-0Gloucester Rangers White
ElimM187:00 PMVP Markham Waxers3-2Toronto Aeros
FinB14 SF27:45 PMGW3 Stoney Creek Warriors5-1Halton Hills Thunder
ElimM198:15 PMGW2 TNT Tornados1-4Hamilton Huskies
ElimM208:15 PMVP Ancaster Avalanche2-1Duffield Devils
Sunday, November 13, 2016
FinM21 SF17:30 AMGW1 Caledon Hawks3-2Hamilton Huskies
FinM22 SF29:00 AMGW1 Markham Waxers2-3Ancaster Avalanche
FinMM16 SF29:00 AMSC Stoney Creek Warriors4-5Toronto Eagles
FinMM15 SF110:00 AMVP Kingston Canadians3-1Ancaster Avalanche
FinMB17 SF110:30 AMSC Cheektowaga Warriors1-7Ted Reeve Thunder
FinMB18 SF210:30 AMSF Greater Toronto Capitals0-6Nickel City Jr. Sons
FinP9 Fin11:30 AMVP Hamilton Huskies6-1Humberview Huskies
FinA9 Fin12:00 PMSC Oshawa Generals0-5Eastern Ontario Cobras
FinN13 Fin12:00 PMSF Cambridge Hawks Black2-1Brantford 99er's
FinB15 Fin1:00 PMVP Stoney Creek Warriors1-2Mississauga Terriers
FinMB19 Fin2:30 PMSC Nickel City Jr. Sons1-5Ted Reeve Thunder
FinMM17 Fin3:00 PMVP Toronto Eagles4-5Kingston Canadians
FinM23 Fin4:30 PMVP Ancaster Avalanche0-3Caledon Hawks
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