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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, February 14, 2019
Div AB17:00 PMSF St.Catharines Storm 5-2Burlington Bulldogs
Div BB27:00 PMSC Niagara Falls Flyers 0-3Lawfield Thunder
Friday, February 15, 2019
Div CB39:00 AMSF Brantford Saints1-5Dofasco Steelhawks
Div DB410:00 AMSF Mt. Hamilton Blues 4-3Lincoln Blades
Div CB511:00 AMSF Ajax Knights 5-0Unionville Jets
Div AB611:45 AMGW1 Brantford 99ers 0-6Jordon Lions
Div BB712:00 PMGW3 Dundas Blues1-2Kitchener Rangers- Red
Div DB812:15 PMSF Oshawa Hawks 4-0Goulding Park
Div BB912:45 PMGW1 Lawfield Thunder 6-1Mimico Canadiens
Div AB101:00 PMGW3 Burlington Bulldogs4-1Humber Valley Selects
Div CB111:15 PMSF Quinte West Hawks 3-4Brantford Saints
Div DB122:15 PMSF Lincoln Blades 1-4Kincardine Kinucks
Div DB144:30 PMSF Goulding Park 1-6Mt. Hamilton Blues
Div AB135:15 PMGW1 Jordon Lions 9-0St.Catharines Storm
Div CB155:30 PMVP Unionville Jets 1-11Quinte West Hawks
Div BB166:00 PMGW2 Kitchener Rangers- Red 4-1Niagara Falls Flyers
Div CB176:45 PMSF Dofasco Steelhawks 8-0Ajax Knights
Div AB187:15 PMGW2 Humber Valley Selects 4-2Brantford 99ers
Div DB197:45 PMSF Kincardine Kinucks2-4Oshawa Hawks
Div BB208:15 PMGW2 Mimico Canadiens5-1Dundas Blues
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Div BB219:00 AMSF Dundas Blues3-7Niagara Falls Flyers
Div CB239:00 AMGW1 Ajax Knights 3-2Brantford Saints
Div AB2210:00 AMSF Brantford 99ers 4-0St.Catharines Storm
Div DB2411:00 AMGW1 Oshawa Hawks 1-2Mt. Hamilton Blues
Div BB2612:00 PMSF Kitchener Rangers- Red 0-4Lawfield Thunder
Div DB251:00 PMGW3 Goulding Park 3-4Lincoln Blades
Div CB291:15 PMGW2 Brantford Saints10-1Unionville Jets
Div CB272:15 PMGW2 Quinte West Hawks 0-9Dofasco Steelhawks
Div BB282:15 PMSF Niagara Falls Flyers 1-4Mimico Canadiens
Div AB303:15 PMSF Jordon Lions 1-3Burlington Bulldogs
Div DB313:30 PMGW2 Mt. Hamilton Blues 2-6Kincardine Kinucks
Div AB324:15 PMSF St.Catharines Storm 0-1Humber Valley Selects
Div BB335:30 PMSF Lawfield Thunder 5-1Dundas Blues
Div BB346:30 PMSF Mimico Canadiens4-2Kitchener Rangers- Red
Div CB357:30 PMEW Dofasco Steelhawks 7-1Unionville Jets
Div AB377:45 PMSF Burlington Bulldogs3-0Brantford 99ers
Div CB387:45 PMGW2 Quinte West Hawks 1-4Ajax Knights
Div DB397:45 PMGW3 Kincardine Kinucks2-1Goulding Park
Div DB368:30 PMEW Lincoln Blades 2-5Oshawa Hawks
Div AB408:45 PMSF Humber Valley Selects 0-9Jordon Lions
Sunday, February 17, 2019
ElimB412:30 PMSC Lawfield Thunder 3-2Burlington Bulldogs
ElimB422:30 PMVP Oshawa Hawks 0-3Dofasco Steelhawks
FinB436:30 PMSC Dofasco Steelhawks 1-2Lawfield Thunder
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • EW - Eastwood Arena, 111 Burlington St. E, Hamilton, On
  • GW1 - Gateway Ice Centre - Rink 1, 610 South Service Rd., Stoney Creek, ON, Stoney Creek, ON
  • GW2 - Gateway Ice Centre - Rink 2, 610 South Service Rd., Stoney Creek, ON, Stoney Creek, ON
  • GW3 - Gateway Ice Centre - Rink 3, 610 South Service Rd., Stoney Creek, ON, Stoney Creek, ON
  • SF - Saltfleet Arena, 24 Sherwood Park Rd., Stoney Creek, ON
  • SC - Stoney Creek Arena, 37 King St. W, Stoney Creek, ON
  • VP - Valley Park Arena, 970 Paramount Dr., Stoney Creek, ON

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